Pippin Properties, Inc.
The world owes you nothing. Youowe the world yourbest work.


Pippin Properties, Inc. opened its doors in 1998, and for the past twenty-five years we have been privileged to help build careers for authors and artists whose work stands the test of time, many of whom have become household names in their own right. We are based in New York City, at 110 West 40th, adjacent to Bryant Park.

Though our primary focus is on the highest caliber literature for young people, we also eagerly represent our clients' fiction, nonfiction, and graphic works should they decide to write for an adult-trade readership. We have the editorial expertise required to help bring each project to its full potential, prior to submission, and we place nearly every project we submit.

We'll work as hard as you do, and we are avid caretakers of and strategists for our clients' projects, marketing plans, and careers —be it picture books, middle-grade, young adult, graphic novels, novelty, and adult trade projects. We grow as you grow, and are devoted to maintaining a standard of excellence in content unmatched in the industry. 

Additionally, we are a little bit obsessed with licensing every ancillary right to our books that we can, from live stage to theatrical to merchandise to audio. In tandem with our clients' desires, we are passionate about increasing the footprint of every property we represent.

Pippin Properties is also dedicated to diversity, inclusion and equity in all facets of publishing. We believe we must all do our part to dismantle inequitable practices and systemic racism in the publishing industry and in our country. Pippin Properties has pledged to do our part by offering initiatives that aim to amplify and support underrepresented groups.

Holly McGhee
Founder and Creative Director

Holly McGhee still carried MADELINE around in 3rd grade — until Mrs. Carrier, her school librarian, tricked her into reading longer books by giving her one with her name on it, HOLLY IN THE SNOW. After college, Holly headed straight into the book world of New York City, where she has enjoyed being a secretary, an advertising manager, a sales rep (for one month), and in the six years prior to opening the doors at Pippin, an executive editor at HarperCollins.

Now, as the President and Creative Director of Pippin, she is dedicated to shepherding books that make a difference into the world. 

Elena Giovinazzo
Senior Vice President and Senior Agent

Elena Giovinazzo always thought she'd be an English teacher. That is, until the day she realized (later than she cares to admit) that books came from someplace and that there were jobs in those places. She immediately set out to find one of those jobs. After attending the Publishing Institute at the University of Denver she worked her way through positions in subsidiary rights and marketing, until she landed at Pippin in June of 2009 and never looked back. She has been mining the queries for gold and jewels ever since.

Ashley Valentine
Art Manager

Ashley Valentine remembers the day she discovered THE STINKY CHEESE MAN AND OTHER FAIRLY STUPID TALES at her local library. Her 9-year-old mind blown, she realized that words and pictures were friends she always wanted around. Years later, Ashley studied painting in college and created visual narratives of her own. She moved on to teach kids' art classes, managed events at The Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and was studio manager to author and illustrator Tony DiTerlizzi. In 2016, she packed up her things and relocated to the Big Apple to join the fierce team of Pips. Here, she hopes to further her passion for story through supporting others in sharing theirs.

Marissa Brown
Agency Associate

Marissa Brown has always been a reader. She is never without a book (or three, just in case). But it wasn't until high school that she realized she could have a career in books. She studied English Literature at DePauw University in Indiana prior to attending the NYU Summer Publishing Institute. There she was introduced to the world of literary agencies and immediately knew she wanted to become an agent, which led her to Pippin.

Marissa assists in managing the licensing of Pippin titles for live stage and audio. You can reach her at mbrown@pippinproperties.com for more information.

Julia Ermi
Agency Assistant

Julia Ermi probably should have known she would end up in the book world when her fourth-grade teacher had to confiscate the Percy Jackson she was reading under her desk. Instead, it took her over a decade and a degree in journalism from Boston University to reach that predestined conclusion. After interning for The Horn Book Magazine, where she read, reviewed, and fell in love with a number of Pippin masterpieces, she became a Pip herself, hoping to have the chance to help bring more masterpieces to print.

Sophia Petrane

Sophia Petrane has been an avid reader ever since she was young. Her mother, a former English teacher, took her to the library multiple times a week to pick out new books after finishing her most recent choices. Sophia’s love for reading and writing continued to grow throughout her adolescence. When she entered college, she knew that she wanted to continue pursuing those passions. Today, Sophia is a rising junior at The College of New Jersey, where she is majoring in English and minoring in Graphic Design. After graduating, she hopes to enter the publishing industry and contribute to the world of literature.